Take Care (Lady Dee, Valerie Fox)

Lady Dee and Valerie Fox are in the shower together, kissing lovingly, as “Take Care” begins. Their mutual affection is evident in the sweet way they smile as they lather up each other’s wet skin, Valerie’s fingers paying particular attention to Dee’s nipples as they begin to harden. She massages Dee’s peachy bottom and slips a hand between her thighs to soap up her pussy. Dee pays homage to Valerie’s beautiful body, her touch becoming more and more intimate. Valerie presses against Dee, reaching around to strum her clit frantically as she slides a couple of slippery fingers into her from behind. Dee orgasms on her own fingers, and then pushes Valerie up against the tiled wall, grinding her thigh against Valerie’s pussy to increase the pressure as she strokes her to a breathless climax. They rinse off and continue the pampering by massaging lotion into each other’s damp skin, as this tender tribute to the physical side of love draws to a close.

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Take Care (Lady Dee, Valerie Fox) - SexArt

Model: Lady Dee, Valerie Fox
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Breasts: Small
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 19
Country: Czech Republic
Photographer: Andrej Lupin

Cover: Take Care (Lady Dee, Valerie Fox) - SexArt