Settling A Dominant Debt

Vienna is an innocent blonde babe who is caught up in a nasty situation. Her boyfriend owes our stud money, and this guy is not to be fucked with. To sort out the debt, Vienna’s guy sends her over to the scary dude’s house. She puts on some sexy lace lingerie and does exactly what she is commanded. On her knees, she opens her mouth and gags as he fucks her hungry throat. Then, he pushes her onto the couch and shoves her panties in her mouth as he pounds her. Her eyes roll back in her head as she gets her twat pummeled. Then, she eats the cum off her slutty face. Looks like Vienna had more fun than she would like to admit…

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Settling A Dominant Debt

Settling A Dominant Debt – Full movie available at Kink Unlimited

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Blowjob (Settling A Dominant Debt)

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