Serena L Morning Sex – A Petter Hegre film

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Morning sex has to be one of the greatest all time things. You’ve just had a fresh nights sleep. You’ve been wrapped around each other all night in peaceful slumbers. And as the sun rises, you rise together, into a loving, passionate embrace.

And given how intimate morning sex is, this film is all the more amazing. You really feel like you’re there, sitting at the side of the bed, as Serena L and her lover greet the sun in a mutual, joyful, orgasmic festival of delight.

Massaging his member with her mouth to get things started, Serena L then straddles him and rides to her heart’s content. Once she’s climaxed, she helps him do the same, finally collapsing in exhaustion on his belly. His hands gently stroke her back. The perfect start to a perfect day.

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