Public Humiliation

The slave was put in stockings and ridiculous pink and red women’s clothes and tied to a tree with a visible ” cock “.

His shame and his humiliation know no limit more than coincidentally the girlfriend of the mistress comes to a cafe and sees him standing there in his miserable situation.

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Tags: Amator, Partner Studio, Straight, Latex, Femdom, Medical Fetish, German, Dominatrix, Fetish, black hair

Public Humiliation

Public Humiliation – Full movie available at Kink Unlimited

Partner Studio (Public Humiliation)

Straight (Public Humiliation)

Latex (Public Humiliation)

Femdom (Public Humiliation)

Medical Fetish (Public Humiliation)

German (Public Humiliation)

Dominatrix (Public Humiliation)

Fetish (Public Humiliation)

black hair (Public Humiliation)