Oliver Davis vs Riley Reyes

Oliver Davis is making a name for himself on Evolved Fights. His wrestling skill is second to no one and he owns his opponents in all his prize rounds. This man is a bonafide badass and yet is still a gentleman in victory. Today, Riley Reyes ( a blue belt in BJJ) thinks it’s her chance to ruin Oliver’s spotless record. Riley has been training for this style of the match for some time now. She is disciplined in Martial Arts so she needs to learn how to perve out on her opponents DURING the wrestling. These two both want the victory so badly that they oftentimes forget this is a sex fight and count mostly on their martial arts backgrounds. Both of these sexual gladiators have martial arts experience and this is on full display for this match. It is back and forth action that makes for a nail-biter. The winner BARELY wins but a win is a win. It doesn’t matter if you win by 1 pt or 100 pts ( not possible to win by that much but you get where we are going with this) a win is a win. If you lose, you’re fucked…literally. The winner takes great pleasure in the victory. Winner takes their time making the loser give them oral pleasure for a long long time. The Winner lifts the loser up and carries the loser into the locker room where more fuck and oral takes place. The loser is fucked hard and drained until the winner decides its is time for them to cum. Winner squirts

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Oliver Davis vs Riley Reyes

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