Oiled Episode 2 – Glow (Ena Sweet, Julia Roca)

Sexy Julia Roca and Ena Sweet look gorgeous bathed in soft light, undressing for each other as episode two of “Oiled” begins. Once they are both perfectly naked, Ena lies on the bed and Julia pours oil over her soft, tanned skin, massaging her curvy ass cheeks until they glisten. Ena slides a hand between her thighs to masturbate, her pleasure building; then goes face down, ass up for Julia to eat her pussy. Her wet pink folds spread open as Julia licks and sucks, then trickles more oil down her ass crack and frigs her with both hands. Ena turns over so Julia can massage her cute small breasts and finger-bang her to a breathless climax. Now Julia lies back for Ena to eat her hairy pussy, before pouring more oil over her flawless skin and grinding on her as she strokes her perfect breasts. They move into scissors, sliding their slippery pussies together, before Ena diddles Julia to an intense orgasm.

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Oiled Episode 2 - Glow (Ena Sweet, Julia Roca) - Viv Thomas

Model: Ena Sweet, Julia Roca
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Breasts: Medium
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Age: 23
Country: Spain
Photographer: Alis Locanta

Cover: Oiled Episode 2 - Glow (Ena Sweet, Julia Roca) - Viv Thomas