Nicolette Private Backstage part 1 – A Petter Hegre film

A master and his model walk into a room…

If you’ve ever wondered how the incredible photos on get made, this film is your chance to find out. But this is not some cold tutorial. O, no. What you see here is an inside glimpse at the intense relationship between a master and his model. It’s the beautiful story of how the magic happens.

For starters, Nicolette walks naked into the prep room. A make-up artist paints her body, giving her the look of a tribal goddess. She then steps into the studio, and Petter gets to work.

Watching the two of them move together will bring shivers down your spine. It is so intimate you can feel the energy in the room. As Petter clicks his camera and Nicolette displays her perfection, you soon realize you are present at the birth of beauty.

This film is as close as most of us will ever get to knowing what it’s like to dance with the gods.

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