Neighbors Episode 3 – Less Is More (Amarna Miller, Frida)

Beautiful brunette Frida is upset about the threesome she enjoyed with her lover Amarna Miller and cute Kari A. It’s an unexpected start to episode three of Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie series “Neighbors,” but one that Amarna resolves through the healing power of sex. Expressing her love and regret, topless Amarna kisses her sweetheart tenderly. Frida’s passion rises and she sucks hard on Amarna’s stiff nipples, stroking her through her panties and making her writhe with pleasure. Peeling the panties off, she goes down to lick and rub Amarna’s hairy pussy, looking up to watch her pretty face as she goes wild. Amarna squeezes her own breasts and strums her clit as Frida finger-bangs her rapidly, tipping her over the edge into a howling orgasm. Moving into spoons, Amarna frigs Frida from behind, making her shudder with arousal. She clutches the sheets, stiffening then shaking in the grip of a powerful climax. Amarna’s not done apologizing though, and eats Frida’s sweet pussy until she has a second, even more overwhelming orgasm. They wind down in each other’s arms, their relationship harmonious once more.

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Neighbors Episode 3 - Less Is More (Amarna Miller, Frida) - SexArt

Model: Amarna Miller, Frida
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Breasts: Small
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 27
Country: Czech Republic
Photographer: Andrej Lupin

Cover: Neighbors Episode 3 - Less Is More (Amarna Miller, Frida) - SexArt

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