Natalia A – Naked Ibiza Vacation Part One – A Petter Hegre film

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Well, here it is: Your chance to go to Ibiza with an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous viral media star who’s super cool and up for any adventure. Her name is Natalia A, and you are going to be hard-pressed not to fall totally in love with her.

In this fun-spirited movie, you get to follow along as the exhibitionist in Natalia A comes to life. She tries on sexy clothes, stands naked at the front of the yacht, swims in the deep blue sea (with her starfish shining), plays in the sand, and shows off her absolutely incredible body and huge winning smile. Meanwhile, your jaw is on the floor.

Natalia A became a viral media star during World Cup 2018 when she appeared in a skimpy outfit rooting for her beloved Russian team. But now you get to see so much more of her. Hegre-style. Natural, naked, and having a blast. And when she walks away at the end with her Swarovski butt plug happily inserted, and the screen says “To Be Continued,” you know that life is O so good.

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