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My Family Pies - My Step Sisters Cake - S21:E6

My Family Pies

My Step Sisters Cake – S21:E6


Madison Summers
Scarlet Skies

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Oct 31, 2021


Madison Summers and Scarlet Skies are hanging out, but it’s a boring day. Scarlet suggests they go to the mall, but Madison can’t because her mom is insisting she make a cake for her stepbrother’s birthday to help them get along better. Madison really dislikes her stepbrother, Codey Steele, because he’s always pranking her. In fact, Madison has an idea of how to get back at Codey. The girls peel off their clothes and put on aprons for some almost-naked cake making. They make a huge mess and have lots of fun doing it! Codey walks in just as the cake is ready and is super flattered that the girls have thought of him. He’s not expecting it when they say they have another surprise for him.

Popping their aprons down, the girls flash Codey their titties. They take some of the frosting and each push it to one another’s boobs. When Madison covers her ass in frosting and tells Codey to come lick it off, he surprises her by getting on his knees and diving face first into that pussy. Scarlet wants in on that action! She puts frosting on her bottom to tell Codey she needs to be cleaned up, too. Now it’s Codey’s turn. He pops out his dick and covers it in frosting for Scarlet to suck off. Madison is grossed out at first, but her stepbrother has a nice cock and it IS his birthday, so eventually she joins Scarlet on her knees delivering a deep throat BJ.

Why would the three of them stop there when they could go ahead and enjoy a hot threesome? Scarlet leads the way once again, getting to her feet and leaning over the counter to invite Codey to stick it in. When Madison gets over her reservations, she hops onto the counter so Scarlet can eat her pussy while she keeps getting fucked from behind. Codey takes a seat on the bar chair so that Madison can experience his nice cock by sliding down onto him and riding him in reverse cowgirl. Scarlet eventually takes Codey’s spot on the chair so he can stand between her thighs, banging her, while Madison rides her mouth. The girls swap spots, and Codey gives it to Madison until his stepsister is squealing. At Madison’s begging, Codey busts a birthday nut inside her to pump her full of a better type of icing than what she pulled off the cake.

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My Step Sisters Cake – S21:E6 featuring Madison Summers Scarlet Skies – Trailer

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