My Secret Corners 2 (Helen A)

Kinky Helen A is dressed in a fetish-style cage teddy, with a leather collar, straps and thong back that barely cover her small breasts, shaved pussy and firm, rounded ass. This is teamed with a matching blindfold and chunky platform shoes. She removes the blindfold then unlocks and discards the steel handcuffs snapped around one of her wrists. She has found herself in an abandoned building with graffiti on the bare concrete walls – the only “furniture” is a rusted metal case that she uses as a low table. Next, she unfastens the collar and caresses her naked tits and flat, toned belly, then slips her hand inside of the crotch and begins to masturbate, pulling the thong up tight into her slit and butt-crack. She takes a flogger from the table and strokes and gently spanks her body with the leather tails before sweeping everything from the table to the floor and sitting on it, back braced against the wall. Feet up and legs splayed wide, her fingers explore her slit, rubbing it then slipping inside of her moist pussy. Her free hand moves over her slender curves, sometimes teasing her globes and nipples, sometimes her crotch, and she grinds her ass rhythmically. Perching on the edge of the box, she moves even more sinuously, then she sprawls back, frigging herself harder. As she becomes increasingly aroused, she begins to moan. Next, she stands with one knee propped on the box, probing deeper. She flaunts and massages her butt – streaks of grime from her derelict surroundings can’t detract from its perfection – and reaches between her thighs to pleasure her pussy. Sitting once again, she takes herself to the brink of orgasm, and moans as she cums, two fingers sunk deep inside of her snatch. As she enjoys the afterglow she runs her hands all over her body and licks her fingertips, then she retrieves her flogger, licks the handle, and trails it over her body before walking out of shot…

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My Secret Corners 2 (Helen A) - TheLifeErotic

Model: Helen A
Hair color:
Eye color:
Age: 20
Country: Unknown
Photographer: Denis Gray

Cover: My Secret Corners 2 (Helen A) - TheLifeErotic