Mums & Daughters Part 5 (Agnes Mirai, Cabiria A)

The Babysitters
Two sisters who are babysitting at a family home steal money, masturbate in the main bedroom, and then blackmail the mother of the house to fuck them both in the ass with her strap-on dildo!

The Family Friend
Young Zara has a school-girl crush over CJ, a troubled lesbian and friend of the family. Skipping school one day Zara’s virginity is taken by CJ in the most uncompromising of ways.

The Hot Chocolate
Two young girls are checking out each other’s bodies at a sleepover, comparing their budding breasts, smelling each other’s pussies and seeing just how juicy they can make one another’s little holes. The proceedings are dramatically changed with the entrance of one girl’s older sister.

The Exchange Student
Agnes is a student from Singapore and is staying with the sister of the girl she exchanged with. Both girls find a connection through their mutual loneliness, and one romantic encounter blossoms into a tender love, with neither girl able to suppress her lust and desire to feel the other’s warmth.

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Mums & Daughters Part 5 (Agnes Mirai, Cabiria A) - Viv Thomas

Model: Agnes Mirai, Cabiria A
Pussy: Trimmed
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Breasts: Medium
Ethnicity: Asian
Age: 18
Country: Unknown
Photographer: Viv Thomas

Cover: Mums & Daughters Part 5 (Agnes Mirai, Cabiria A) - Viv Thomas

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