Morpheus (Una Piccola)

In Rylsky’s “Morpheus,” we wonder if Una Piccola is awake or dreaming. She is asleep in bed, and yet is she is wide awake, kneeling on a couch, her black camisole off her shoulders, her slender fingers gently toying with her dark, mushroom-like nipples. In her dream, Una is on hands and knees, shaking her booty, her panties off. Her hands pull at her ass, parting her moist pussy lips and showing off the pink of her hole. Una dreams of the gentle touch of another’s hands on her body as she sits with legs apart and brushes her fingers deftly over her clit and breasts, softly teasing her nipples erect. The dream woman looks down on her sleeping self and strokes her skin sensually. She stands with her back to the camera, towering over the lens, her ass so close, smiling down over her shoulder and playing with her smooth cheeks. When she stirs, the sensuality is still fresh in her mind and she kicks off the covers, her legs wide open, rolling around erotically as she slowly comes awake.

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Morpheus (Una Piccola) - MetArt

Model: Una Piccola
Pussy: Hairy
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Breasts: Small
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 21
Country: Ukraine
Photographer: Rylsky

Cover: Morpheus (Una Piccola) - MetArt