Luna’s Heavenly Bodies Episode 2 – The Blackout (Liona Levi, Luna Corazon)

As episode two of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies” begins, insatiable Luna Corazon is face down in cute Liona Levi’s pussy. Ebony beauty Luna is hidden by the bedcovers as she licks her girlfriend hungrily; but she stops abruptly when she realizes that naughty Liona has answered her phone! The next day, Luna is browsing through MetArt (every girl’s favorite nude site) when she has the idea of disconnecting the internet, so she will get Liona’s full attention. When Liona gets home, Luna is waiting for her in sexy underwear, ready to apologise, secretly knowing there will be no distractions this time. Luna massages Liona’s feet and then undresses her, kissing down to her sweet small breasts, sucking each nipple until it is stiff between her lips, stroking Liona’s crotch through her pants. Yanking Liona’s pants down to her knees, Luna uses two fingers to pleasure her shaven pussy. She sucks and licks on Liona’s dark pink pussy lips and clitoris with much love, licking her pussy juices out of her hole and spreading them around. She finger bangs her girlfriend skilfully, sucking her clit into her mouth with lips tightly pursed, working her pussy, eager to make her lover climax. But the Brazilian babe is also eager for her own sexual satisfaction, and straddles Liona’s face in a sixty-nine, riding her tongue as she licks and fingers Liona’s pussy even harder. She turns around so she can see Liona’s pretty face as she gets eaten, tweaking her own nipples and grinding over Liona’s face. She moves into spoons to finger Liona again, kissing her passionately. Luna is so relaxed by the make-up sex that it’s not until the next morning she remembers the disconnected internet…

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Luna's Heavenly Bodies Episode 2 - The Blackout (Liona Levi, Luna Corazon) - Viv Thomas

Model: Liona Levi, Luna Corazon
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Breasts: Small
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 24
Country: Hungary
Photographer: Sandra Shine

Cover: Luna's Heavenly Bodies Episode 2 - The Blackout (Liona Levi, Luna Corazon) - Viv Thomas