Look At Me Episode 2 – Etiquette (Ana Rose, Ava Courcelles)

Scene two begins with French fox Ava Courcelles – making her Viv Thomas debut – flirting with the camera. We switch from Ava, who looks delicious in a see-through black shirt, to Czech babe Ana Rose, who is also enjoying the camera’s gaze. Each girl strips down to her sexy lingerie and then gets totally naked, making teasing eye contact with us throughout, before they come together to share their arousal.
Seductive Ana caresses Ava’s slender body, then sucks her fingers noisily and begins to slide them over Ava’s pussy, rubbing her clit to intensify the sensations. The girls kiss lovingly, and Ava straddles her girlfriend, spreading her pussy wider so she can get fingered more vigorously. She turns around so we can admire her peachy bottom as Ana strokes it.
Ana pushes Ava onto her back on the bed, kissing her way down to that tempting pink slit and running her tongue up and down the moist groove eagerly. She pumps a couple of fingers inside as she sucks and licks, Ava’s squeals of pleasure rising to fever pitch. She kneels up so Ana can suck her nipples as she fingerbangs her, then straddles Ana’s face and gallops to her orgasm.
Ava sucks Ana’s stiff nipples, then goes down to sample her sweet flavour, licking slowly and delicately at first. Ana lifts her knees up high as her lover explores her folds, then spreads wide for a deeper probing. Before long, Ava is thrusting her fingers into Ana’s wet pussy as Ana rubs her own clit frantically. She lifts right up onto her shoulders, offering her pussy up to Ava’s mouth and being rewarded with a powerful orgasm. The girls end up in a scissors position, grinding their way to mutual bliss!

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Look At Me Episode 2 - Etiquette (Ana Rose, Ava Courcelles) - Viv Thomas

Model: Ana Rose, Ava Courcelles
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Breasts: Medium
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 19
Country: Spain
Photographer: Guy Ranieri Sblattero

Cover: Look At Me Episode 2 - Etiquette (Ana Rose, Ava Courcelles) - Viv Thomas