HORRORPORN – Predator Dick Hunter

A US Army special unit is thoroughly searching the Cuntamana's hot jungle area. One of the soldiers gets close to the river, where he meets face to face with something unknown. An extraterrestrial monster that looks like a woman approaches him and measures him from head to toe, aiming the soldier's large dick in his pants and ripping it from his body mercilessly. The last surviving soldier is a little luckier, the Predator fucks him straight away. Yautja hunters hunt people on earth for fun ell-osde 'pauk (Fuck you).
Message to all earthlings we are predators and I will suck the soul out of you. Nan-deThan-gaun (NO Mercy)

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Tags: deepthroat dreadlocks fetish fucking machines military pissing public

Horror Porn: HORRORPORN - Predator Dick Hunter

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