Grace Red Lingerie – A Petter Hegre film

Our infamous brown leather couch sits alone in a room. The camera zooms in, passionate classical music swelling, and you can feel the suspense. Enter Grace, dressed in a fire-red panty and bra. You start to get a sense for what’s about to happen. And your heart begins to race.

Using a captivating mixture of slow motion, panning, and intense close-ups, this film follows our model as she slow dances a kind of private love dance just for you. The couch is her stage, and your desires are her audience. She will play you like a cello, and you will sing.

Some of our films reach the level of kinetic poetry, and this is one of them. Grace’s tight, tiny body moves here like a supernatural cat, always smooth, always sexy. And your eyes follow along to the sultry tempo of her intimate secrets. Welcome to the sofa of love.

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