GF Private Tapes Episode 4 – Indulge (Gina Gerson, Verona Sky)

Horny for some pussy, gorgeous Verona Sky comes looking for cute blonde Gina Gerson, armed with a camcorder, in episode four of Alis Locanta’s “GF Private Tapes.” Gina is changing into some black lace lingerie as Verona spies on her from the doorway, rubbing her pussy in anticipation. When Gina catches Verona watching, she encourages her to keep filming as they kiss and touch, then takes the camera to capture the hot POV footage as Verona tugs the panties aside and licks her shaved pussy. When she has Gina moaning and squirming, Verona performs a sexy striptease, then reclaims the camera to film herself straddling her adorable girlfriend’s pretty face. It’s a stunning view of Verona’s pussy lips wrapped around Gina’s tongue, the glistening pink of her clitoris appearing whenever Gina snakes her tongue out to lap at it. Gina squeezes Verona’s beautiful big breasts as she eats her skilfully, instructing her to lie on her back and keep shooting as she spits on her pussy and sucks it hard, tugging at her nipples. Gina grabs the camera to film herself stuffing her thumb inside Verona’s tight slit, making sure she gets a shot of her own pussy play, mixing Verona’s juices with her own and swapping them between each clit. That drives them both wild, and they leave the camera on the bed to grind their pussies together in scissors, nipples hard as diamonds. To finish, they lie side by side, each fingering the other frantically. Gina climaxes first, then tugs her lover’s clit and frigs her to a hard, noisy orgasm, both high on the fun of making their hot home movie.

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GF Private Tapes Episode 4 - Indulge (Gina Gerson, Verona Sky) - Viv Thomas

Model: Gina Gerson, Verona Sky
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Breasts: Small
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 27
Country: Spain
Photographer: Alis Locanta

Cover: GF Private Tapes Episode 4 - Indulge (Gina Gerson, Verona Sky) - Viv Thomas