Foot Addiction Episode 2 – Pamper (Miki Torrez, Violetta)

Luxuriating in the bath, sexy brunette Miki Torrez pampers her pretty feet until they are silky smooth, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic movie “Foot Addiction” begins. Moving to the couch, she gives herself a pedicure, oiling up her feet and rubbing massage oil between her cute toes and over her shapely ankles. Her girlfriend Violetta returns home, looking sensational in tiny denim shorts, and Miki gets to work on her feet too, filing her toenails and then fondling her soft soles, tickling them to make her giggle. They kiss, and Miki massages Violetta’s foot sensually, licking and sucking her toes, running her tongue between them, nuzzling her heels and arches lovingly. Her towel falls open and she rubs Violetta’s foot over her nipples, stimulating them until they are stiff. Spreading her thighs, she grinds Violetta’s foot against her shaved pussy, using her lover’s heel to spread herself open, then working the toes over her puffy clit. She wets Violetta’s toes in her mouth, then uses them to masturbate feverishly, wriggling with pleasure. Violetta can’t hold back any longer, and goes down to eat Miki’s juicy pussy, then drives her big toe inside her sweetheart’s hot slit, fucking her energetically. Miki rubs her own clit, then grabs Violetta’s ankle, wanting it harder and faster. The gorgeous girls suck each other’s toes as they frig themselves, Miki climaxing over her girlfriend’s foot. Violetta straddles her face to get eaten, Miki spreading her hot pink pussy open as she pushes her tongue inside, then moves down to grind on Miki’s thigh and ride her fingers to an intense orgasm.

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Foot Addiction Episode 2 - Pamper (Miki Torrez, Violetta) - Viv Thomas

Model: Miki Torrez, Violetta
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Breasts: Medium
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 21
Country: Hungary
Photographer: Sandra Shine

Cover: Foot Addiction Episode 2 - Pamper (Miki Torrez, Violetta) - Viv Thomas