Enjoy Me Episode 3 – Fervor (Kathy Anderson, Vanessa Hell)

Gorgeous blonde MILF Kathy Anderson picks up cute Vanessa Hell and takes her home for hot sex, as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie series “Enjoy Me” begins. Kathy gets sexy Vanessa on the couch, kissing her voraciously, wet tongue dancing in her mouth. As Vanessa’s skirt rides up over her stocking-clad thighs, Kathy undoes her new fuck-buddy’s blouse, squeezes her breasts, and thrusts a hand inside her panties to finger her pussy. Vanessa gasps and writhes with pleasure, tugging aside her panties so Kathy can plunge her spit-lubed fingers between the juicy folds. Kathy can tell Vanessa wants it hard and fast, and gives her what she craves, fingering her relentlessly. She sucks her nipples, her fingers a blur on Vanessa’s visibly soaked pussy. As an orgasm rises from deep within her, Vanessa grabs Kathy’s hand and urges her to rub even faster, until she has an explosive, body-shaking climax. After Kathy kisses and caresses Vanessa back to her senses, she hands her a vibrating wand to hold against her clit, while she laps at her slit and asshole. Still ultra sensitive from her climax, it’s not long before Vanessa has a second, even more intense one. Naked, voluptuous Kathy grinds her pussy against the vibrator, riding it until she’s trembling uncontrollably, big breasts bouncing. She straddles Vanessa’s face to get her ass eaten as she rubs her splayed pussy frantically; her body undulates wildly, and then stiffens as she’s consumed by a fierce orgasm. It’s a powerful climax to a super-hot liaison.

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Enjoy Me Episode 3 - Fervor (Kathy Anderson, Vanessa Hell) - Viv Thomas

Model: Kathy Anderson, Vanessa Hell
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Breasts: Medium
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 39
Country: Czech Republic
Photographer: Andrej Lupin

Cover: Enjoy Me Episode 3 - Fervor (Kathy Anderson, Vanessa Hell) - Viv Thomas