Elina – Livin For Love (Hegre Model)

Meet Elina – Livin For Love on Hegre.com

Meet our new model, Elina. With her long blonde hair, mellow blue eyes, and toned frame, she looks like a girl who plays balls with the boys, but also makes their hearts swoon.

Deep down, Elina is a total hippie. Originally a country girl, she loves to wander the world and discover new adventures. Her free and generous spirit is all about “make love, not war.”

Posing for Hegre was also part of her “no taboos” approach to life. For Elina, if there’s a boundary, she’s going to cross it. You can’t hold her back; all you can do is entice her to stay awhile.

And when she stays, times are good. She’s playful, easy-going, and ultimately grateful for everything she’s got. As are we. Welcome, Elina!

Meet Elina – Livin For Love and many other beautiful models on Petter Hegre’s website!