Eden – Hula Hoop Hippie (Hegre Model)

Meet Eden – Hula Hoop Hippie on Hegre.com

Visit Venice Beach in LA when the sun is out and you’re in for a treat. Because you might just find this girl shaking her ass. She loves nothing more than heading to the beach to chill out with friends and dance with her hula hoop.

Meet 20-year-old American, Eden. She grew up in a small farming town, later moving to the mega city, Los Angeles. Despite being in the hustle and bustle of the city, she’s still a quiet and shy character with the soul of a hippy and the sensitivity of an artist. But like the city itself, she also has a darker side to her personality (look deep into those eyes for a glimpse into it).

This is the first time Eden has posed naked for the camera. But she has the perfect body for it. Her large natural tits on a skinny frame make for a strikingly beautiful combination.

Just be warned: if you do spot her hula hooping in a bikini, that ass swaying from side to side is totally hypnotic.

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