Dr Hope Episode 1 – Insatiable (Cindy Hope, Nesty A, Sicilia)

Legendary erotic actress Cindy Hope is now a qualified psychologist specializing in sex therapy – and she’s more irresistible than ever. As episode one of Sandra Shine’s highly arousing “Dr Hope” begins, she explains how she gets pleasure from helping other people to explore their sexuality and let go of their hang-ups. We meet cute blonde Sicilia, who confides that she doesn’t think she is satisfying her girlfriend Nesty, who is great at eating pussy. Stunning Cindy takes the hands-on approach to helping her client, spreading her thighs to reveal her shaved pussy and encouraging Sicilia to lick her. She gives the adorable blonde some tips on improving her oral technique, then shows her how it’s really done, peeling open the folds of her gorgeous shaved pussy and eating it skilfully. Sicilia moans with pleasure, her nipples diamond hard as Cindy’s tongue flickers over her clit, driving her wild. Cindy instructs her to turn onto her front, and licks her asshole as she rubs her clit, giving her an intense orgasm. Now Sicilia shows Cindy what she has learned, tongue-fucking her pussy to a delicious climax. Smiling happily, she heads home to put her new sexual skills to good use.

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Dr Hope Episode 1 - Insatiable (Cindy Hope, Nesty A, Sicilia) - Viv Thomas

Model: Cindy Hope, Nesty A, Sicilia
Pussy: Shaved
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Breasts: Small
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 32
Country: Hungary
Photographer: Sandra Shine

Cover: Dr Hope Episode 1 - Insatiable (Cindy Hope, Nesty A, Sicilia) - Viv Thomas