Dita – Rebel Ink (Hegre Model)

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When Dita’s curves started popping, her fashion modelling gigs started drying up. Of no use to the skinny police, she decided to take up naked modelling. And it turned out to be the perfect fit for this vivacious rebel artist.

Always moving forward, she loves her tattoos, rock-n-roll, travel, and painting nude self-portraits as part of her female empowerment crusade. Her goal is to stop the shaming of women and their bodies, and to support the nude, natural, and beautiful lifestyle.

Her life philosophy is “no taboos and each to their own.” Who can disagree with that? Especially when it’s Dita breaking taboos against nakedness and doing things her own way. All we can do is sit on the sidelines and enjoy the show. And with a beautiful young talented model like this, what’s not to enjoy?

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