Black And Wet (Lucia)

Sultry blonde Lucia reclines on a couch, her beautiful body covered in black plastic wrap – although her full, pert breasts and trimmed pussy are left naked. She caresses her globes and stiff nipples, massaging and rolling them between her fingers. She runs her fingertips through the thick, dark landing strip of pubes on her mound, then trails them into her fleshy pink slit, splaying it open. The plastic crackles as she lubes her snatch and tits then begins to masturbate. Slowly, with both hands, she fingers her little bush and pussy, then gives her breasts more attention as she rubs her clit. She slathers on more lube and sinks two fingers deep inside, palm pressing her nub as she arches her body. As her hand moves faster she moans with pleasure, cream oozing out her twat as she approaches orgasm. Finally, she lies back, crying out in ecstasy as she cums, before stroking the wrap and her exposed skin.

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Black And Wet (Lucia) - TheLifeErotic

Model: Lucia
Hair color:
Eye color:
Age: 23
Country: Unknown
Photographer: Higinio Domingo

Cover: Black And Wet (Lucia) - TheLifeErotic