Anya – (Hegre Model)

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If you ever find yourself lost in the Russian wilderness in the depths of winter, you better hope you’re with this girl.

If wild bears attack you, she’ll scare them away with a glance from those piercing eyes. And as a trained surgeon, she can stich you up should you get into trouble.

Meet Russian beauty, Anya. With a body of steel and a personality to match, she is not a girl for the fainthearted. If you approach her in a bar you better make sure you’ve got some great lines. Timid guys need not apply! But with this body, we wouldn’t blame you for trying.

As a doctor, she is possibly the most educated model we’ve ever had on But unfavourable working terms and conditions in Russia mean she actually makes more money as a fashion and fitness model. And as you can clearly see, she takes fitness seriously, also advising private clients as a nutritional expert.

So, like a Russian bear, you might like the idea of a cuddle, but you should approach with caution.

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