Alisa Naked In Ibiza – A Petter Hegre film

If you’ve ever been to a naked beach, you know the feeling: a girl walks by with the most seductive body you’ve ever seen, but you don’t stare. You want to SO bad, but you know it’s not proper etiquette.

Well, this film says screw all that. Stare as hard and as long as you want. Because you’ve got a personal invitation to a close-up view of Alisa and her perfect body frolicking about in Ibiza. She struts the sand topless, then strips down fully naked and hits the waves. All with a camera watching her every move so you can see everything in super high res.

Stop torturing yourself. A Goddess just walked by. She’s the most incredibly beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Stare at her. Follow her. Swim with her. It’s just that easy at Hegre.

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