A Day In The Life of Tita – A Petter Hegre film


As Tita herself says in the interview that ends this amazing video, shooting naked in public in Indonesia can be dangerous. If someone captures footage of you doing it, they could share it to social media and then the cops might come knocking on your door. Fortunately for us, Tita is not one to be intimidated.

That’s because, as we see here, she just loves nudity and freedom and nature way too much. And that’s how she spends her day: naked yoga, naked shower, naked swimming, naked bedtime – all of it in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As her final personal interview shows, this is one smart and charming young lady. True to form in our Day in the Life series, thereis nothing pretentious, fake or glam about her, as we see all too often on the web. In essence, it’s girls like Tita that give us hope for humanity.

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