A Day In the Life of Lina – A Petter Hegre film

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Picture the perfect Russian beauty. Long, athletic body. Tight shaved pussy. Dark romantic features. And a huge exotic back tattoo. Got it in your mind? Good. The name of your imagining is Lina.

And thanks to this video, you get to spend an entire naked day with her. She wakes up naked. She does her toilette naked. She works out with a friend naked. She rolls in the leaves in the park naked. She heads home and showers naked. And she curls up to sleep. Naked, perfect, and free.

Our Day in the Life series are redefining “intimacy” in erotica. As you watch this film, you will feel like you and Lina are living the dream life. She is all yours. She wants you in her life, in her arms, in her bed. Go to her.

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